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Kolping Vocational Training Centre

  • Kolping Vocational centre environment
  • Engineering students on a practical class session
  • Some of our clients participating on a workshop in our facilities
  • Students on an educational tour
  • A practical lab session in our labs

Brief Overview

Future Plans
We plan to became a cordinating institution that plays the link role to source for students and place them in a propriate training Institution ,hence becaming a pre-university centre ,this will help to extend our capacitty to train without necessarily investing haevily in training resources.


Welcome to KVTC

   Kolping Educational Training Centre is a middle level training institution founded on strong belief of capacity through imparting practice knowledge and skills to spur economic and social growth.

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KVTC Services

   We at KVTC have a world class facility that entails modern equipments.We have a production departmanet that produces items from carpentry to building materials.We also have ..

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Courses Offered

   KVTC offers well tailored courses at Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels. The courses are all responsive to correct community problems. They are practical oriented and they prepare the students to be able to initiate action oriented projects both at self-level or in employment.