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Student Handbook

The KVTC Student Guide and Academic Handbook contains important information about student life and academic policy. All members of the KVTC community are responsible for adhering to the policies and guidelines contained in it.

Suggestions for improving this handbook are welcome and should be made to centre Registrar. Additional copies of the handbook may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar.

Academic Policies

It is the responsibility of the student to comply with the academic and administrative regulations and procedures relating to his or her course of study at the centre as contained in this handbook.

Because the centre may be subjected to changes, this information is not to be regarded as creating a binding contract between the student and the centre . Because of such changes and the costs associated with printing, the most current and authoritative edition of the ANU Student Guide and Academic Handbook (January 2011) shall be the one that exists on the centre website.

lthough the Centre intends to be fair in the application of its rules, a student may petition the appropriate Board for the waiver of a centre regulation provided the student can demonstrate extraordinary circumstances which warrant it. Such a petition may be granted if, in the judgment of the board, the waiver is justified or in the studentís best educational interest.

The Centre reserves the right to change the fees, rules, and calendar regulating admission and registration; to change regulations concerning instruction and graduation from the centre and its various divisions; to withdraw courses; and to change any other regulation affecting the student body. Changes go into effect whenever the proper authorities so determine and apply not only to prospective students, but also to those who, at that time, are enrolled at the Centre.

The Centre reserves the authority to deny admission, to dismiss when formal action is taken by the Academic Standards Committee or a Hearing Board, to discontinue the enrollment of any student when personal actions are detrimental to the centre community, to discontinue enrollment of a student in violation of the Student Code of Conduct, see the last page of this handbook or to request withdrawal of a student whose continuance in the centre would be detrimental to his or her health or to the health of others.

Brief Overview

Future Plans
We plan to became a cordinating institution that plays the link role to source for students and place them in a propriate training Institution ,hence becaming a pre-university centre ,this will help to extend our capacitty to train without necessarily investing haevily in training resources.