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Kolping Vocational Training Centre

About Kolping Vocational Training Center

   Kolping Educational Training Centre is a middle level training institution founded on strong belief of capacity through imparting practice knowledge and skills to spur economic and social growth. The institution evolved from social economic consult, a consultancy that has been carrying out research on developing issues.

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Kolping Vocational Training Centre

    Kolping Educational Training Centre ,KVTC is a national vocational training college managed by Kolping Organisation of Kenya, a lay Catholic organisation.KVTC was started in 1989 with core objective of empowering the youth with relevant technicak skills and knowledge for holistic growth.

   The centre has four units:

  •        Training
  •        Carpentry Production
  •        Building & Construction
  •        Seminar & Conferences

Brief Overview

Future Plans
We plan to became a cordinating institution that plays the link role to source for students and place them in a propriate training Institution ,hence becaming a pre-university centre ,this will help to extend our capacitty to train without necessarily investing haevily in training resources.